Improved Safety and operations Efficiency at Airports
Innovative low-cost surface surveillance solution
5G and mmWave
Higher Automation levels for Airport Collaborative Decision Making (A-CDM)

Objective 1

A-SMCGS Design based on 5G, 3D Vector antennas and mmWave radar augmented with Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Identify operational, Technical performance, Safety, and Security Requirements applicable to NewSense system for use in an A-SMGCS
  • Propose an initial system design and guidelines for building an A-SMCGS system based on NewSense sensors
  • Objective 2

    Design a 5G-signal-based surveillances function
  • 3D vector antenna as source of Angle of Arrival (AOA) Estimation
  • 5G positioning function identifying and calculating cooperative targets position using AOA and estimating Time of Arrival (TOA) from their transmitted 5G Radio Frequency (RF) signals
  • Radar-like system relying on 5G signals to calculate all targets position from AOA and TOA of reflected 5G Base Station (BS) RF signals
  • Objective 3

    Evaluate low-cost mmWave based radar as a non-cooperative surveillance
  • Consolidate a preliminary mmWave technology capabilities assessment for use in A-SMCGS.
  • Provides an assessment of the mmWave radar augmented with AI to recognize target types from reflected mmWave radar signals
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