Improved Safety and operations Efficiency at Airports
Innovative low-cost surface surveillance solution
5G and mmWave
Higher Automation levels for Airport Collaborative Decision Making (A-CDM)

NewSense project aims at improving safety and efficiency of operations primarily in secondary airports, with innovative low-cost surface surveillance solutions using 5G and millimetre waves (mmWave) signals, widely used outside ATM, allowing the implementation of affordable Advanced-Surface Movement Guidance and Control Systems (A-SMGCS) and increasing the automation levels of Airport Collaborative Decision Making (A-CDM) milestones events detection.

The NewSense concept

NewSense explores a long-term opportunity to position objects on the airport surface by monitoring 5G signals, assuming a large-scale 5G deployment in the next decades, with independent private 5G networks available at airports and with 5G equipment onboard aircraft. As such, the NewSense concept generates an opportunity for technological convergence with future datalink communications systems.

Additionally, the opportunity to use low-cost mmWave radar technology together with AI / Machine Learning will be investigated as a medium-term solution. MmWave radar will sensibly improve situational awareness over non-cooperative mobiles and enhance tracking function accuracy, as well as system redundancy, in all visibility conditions.

NewSense aims therefore to evaluate two surveillance solutions that aim to cover:

  • Cooperative targets with 5G based signals
  • Non-cooperative targets using mmWave radar as well as 5G based signals.
  • Innovative tracking and data fusion functions to process information coming from the 5G surveillance solution and mmWave radar.
  • The proposed interface for positioning data obtained from these two technologies will make possible to fuse them together and with existing surveillance solutions in order to obtain an assembled and augmented view.

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